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Wozny’s Book Gives Siblings of Pediatric Cancer Patients a Voice

CHANDLER, AZ (September, 2016) — When a child is diagnosed with cancer, his or her medical care becomes the family’s primary concern and siblings often feel forgotten forgotten. Jamie’s Journey: Cancer from the Voice of a Sibling (Beach Glass Press), by first-time author Sharon Wozny, is written specifically for the siblings of pediatric cancer patients.

For the last three years, Wozny has volunteered with Children’s Cancer Network. The time she spent with families affected by cancer convinced her that siblings of pediatric cancer patients need more support. “They endure so much,” she said. “They feel so much pain on so many levels.”

This invaluable resource offers insight and hope for siblings,” shares Patti Luttrell, RN MS, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Children's Cancer Network. Sharon Wozny has given siblings a voice by providing this excellent tool for families!”

Part story, part journal, the first half of Jamie’s Journey introduces 13-year-old Jamie who feels a roller coaster of emotions when her younger sister is diagnosed with cancer. Jamie laments the loss of her “normal” life of sleepovers, shopping, and dance lessons and struggles to deal with feelings of confusion, guilt, and jealousy. “I want siblings to realize that they are not alone with these feelings,” said Wozny. “They’re very normal.”

In the second half of the book, readers learn that Jamie finds solace expressing her feelings in a journal. The book then takes journal form, including helpful prompts, giving siblings a safe place to share their own experiences. “Journals allow healing to take place,” said Wozny, encouraging readers to let their emotions loose. “Write it with love,” she writes. “Scribble or doodle away your anger or frustration. It’s all good! What matters on these pages are your feelings.”

In time to honor Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September, Jamie’s Journey: Cancer from the Voice of a Sibling (ISBN: 978-0-692-76587-6, softbound; eISBN: 978-0-692-76908-9, eBook; $14.95 US) is slated for national release on September 16, 2016. For more information about Jamie’s Journey: Cancer from a Voice of a Sibling, please visit




The book will really help kids deal with all of the feelings.

It is sometimes hard to make a "voice" in a book, but Sharon Wozny made it happen. I'm a sibling whose sister has cancer. It is really helpful to read about someone whose sibling also has cancer, even if it is a fictional character. The book will really help kids deal with all of the feelings that Sharon Wozny said, such as: jealousy and guilt.

— Abby E. Kerr, age 10

Unique and very highly recommended.

Wozny has made the second half of the book an interactive journal, offering siblings of pediatric cancer patients a safe place to share and work through their own feelings and write about their own personal journey. "Jamie's Journey: Cancer from the Voice of a Sibling" is unique and very highly recommended.

— Midwest Book Review

The world needs a book like this one.

Though geared towards the sibling relationship, this book could easily be related to anyone with an emotional connection to a cancer patient. Through defining the feelings accompanied by such tragedy, readers may begin to identify and connect with the narrator's perspective.

Sherry L. Hoffman